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Our Mission.

Our goal is to not only set you on the right path, but to help you stay on that path while making any necessary adjustments, so you meet your goals and become fit – on the inside and out.



Prepare for any competition in life.

Meet The Coaches

At Zeal, we’re not just about working out the physical body, we think about you as a whole person.

At Zeal, we’re not just about working out the physical body, we think about you as a whole person; encouraging each client to focus on balance – working out to live and not living to workout, striking a mental and physical balance. Because we think about all aspects of your life, we can help you work out smarter and feel far better than you could ever imagine.

Regardless of your age or fitness level, Zeal offers personal training and life coaching in a friendly and upbeat atmosphere. Our coaches will help you get healthy and fit, lose weight, get strong and prepare you for any competition you face in life – athletic or otherwise. We also establish a safe atmosphere where you can workout entirely on your own, where we design programs to help you understand what you need and how you can empower yourself.

Before your first workout, we recommend an initial meeting with an experienced personal training coach. During this meeting, we will discuss your history and goals, your strengths and weaknesses; then do a functional movement assessment to determine what physical imbalances exist. These meetings cover everything we need to help you on your journey.

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